Terje Klungland from CoWorx, Liz Coufal from Capital Factory and Øystein Tønnessen from CoWorx (photo: Capital Factory)

CoWorx has made a new partnered coworking agreement! We are proud to announce that we now have a formalized and member beneficial relationship with the renowned coworking space Capital Factory in Austin, Texas!

In late April, Terje and Øystein from CoWorx joined a delegation from Kristiansand on a study trip to Austin, Texas. It was truly an inspiring, interesting and useful trip. On CNBC´s 2016 ranking of America’s best places to start a business, Austin is number 1. The city with a population of a bit less than 1 million is very innovative and business-friendly with a lot of startups and creative talents. It attracts a lot of young people with the University of Texas, good lifestyle, diverse atmosphere, good weather and one of the world’s most vibrant live music scenes.

Awesome view from the café area (photo: Øystein Tønnessen)
Austin legend Willy Nelson adorns the safety boxes (photo: Øystein Tønnessen)

Coworking is growing in Austin. One of the biggest coworking spaces in town is Capital Factory, the center of gravity for tech entrepreneurship in Austin.. On the Kristiansand delegation trip, a guided tour and presentation at Capital Factory was an important part of the program. We were all stunned by the fantastic location in central downtown, the great open-minded staff, the creative and dynamic atmosphere, and all the activities, programs, events and happenings. Last year 90,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night for meetups, classes and co-working at this downtown mecca!

Former president Barack Obama visits Capital Factory (photo: Capital Factory)

For CoWorx, the visit at Capital Factory was truly valuable. We have now signed a Partnered Coworking Agreement! For CoWorx, it is the first agreement with a US coworking space, and for Capital Factory with 30+ partnered agreements around the world, this is the second relationship with a coworking space in Scandinavia, in addition to Epicenter in Stockholm. We are very proud of that!

Coworking @ Capital Factory (photo: Capital Factory)

The primary purpose of the agreement is to establish a relationship between Capital Factory and CoWorx that will facilitate the development of business growth opportunities between the tech and startup industries in Kristiansand and those in Austin, Texas. We will provide a place for coworking and facilitate fitting introductions between companies in our respective spaces. In addition, we will promote our organizations at home and abroad, and assist in finding and curating prospective program participants who could potentially benefit from participation in our programs.

We really hope that this partnered coworking agreement will be valuable for our members, as well as stimulating for the already growing relationship between our cities. We strongly recommend a trip to Austin and a day at Capital Factory, and we wish all members at Capital Factory warm welcome to Norway and Kristiansand!

More info about Capital Factory: www.capitalfactory.com

By: Øystein Tønnessen

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